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3D Print With Ocean Plastic

A Kickstarter Created To Turn The World’s Plastic Pollution Into 3D Printer Filament

What Will Our Kickstarter Accomplish

Our Kickstarter goal is $15,000; we plan to use this money to achieve 3 main objectives:

  1. Create a permanent presence in Haiti. Moving past our partnerships with local organizations, we will be able to collect the pollution ourselves by establishing a collection center and by installing our clean-up machines in strategic locations like congested rivers, canals, and beaches.

  2. Purchase the manufacturing equipment necessary to produce our 3D Printer filament on a large scale. Quality machines create quality products; that’s why we’re planning on spending a third of what we raise in Kickstarter on the machinery alone.

  3. Complete an in-depth, first-of-its-kind survey of Haiti’s ocean plastic problem. Part of our philosophy is that to create a complete solution, you need to have a complete picture of what the problem is in the first place. This kind of survey has never been done before, even the most recent, and most cited survey of Haiti’s plastic pollution completed by Dell last year relies mainly on satellite images, not first-hand experience (Dell Report).

    This report will cover all of Haiti’s rivers, beaches, and coastline and will be made public for free so everyone working on the problem can have access to the best information possible. Armed with this survey, everyone will be able to know exactly where the pollution is.

Why We Chose To Launch A Kickstarter

Clean Currents started out with a very different mission; we wanted to create reusable water bottles from recycled ocean plastic. But as we worked and researched, we kept hitting walls. There was no shortage of businesses that wanted to use these materials, but no one was supplying it. One company would have required us to purchase 500 tons as a minimum order (about $300,000) and another would only lease us their patented nets for $20,000 a year. We thought that if there were so many barriers and roadblocks to make even a simple water bottle out of ocean plastic, how many other small businesses were being prevented from making their products out of these materials.

We were misled when we started Clean Currents, we believed that this problem was already being solved by companies around the world, but it isn’t. Disappointed and frustrated, our team gathered around a whiteboard and asked: “What should happen when someone wants to use ocean plastic? Ideally, what would the process look like?”

What we arrived at was a simple plan. Clean Currents takes care of recovery, recycling, and transportation 100% and ships ocean plastic in useful forms like 3D printer filament and spools of thread directly to you. Anywhere in the world, you can buy as little as one pound of our materials, it will arrive at your doorstep just like a normal package.

We started Clean Currents believing this solution already existed, when we found out that it didn’t we knew we had to be the ones to make it a reality.

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