How to Clean the North Atlantic Garbage Patch? 

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Part 4: Projection

Our Future Plans

What do our projections for the next 3 years look like?


Amount of Ocean Plastic Recovered: 25,000 pounds

New Products Created: 3d Printer Filament, Jewelry, Clothing Accessories, Phone Cases

Infrastructure Created: A small recovery network recycling plastic across the North Atlantic


Amount of Ocean Plastic Recovered: 250,000 pounds

New Products Created: Polyester Fabrics, Sports Equipment, Shoes

Infrastructure Created: Significant recovery network expansion to 24 countries, 10 collection centers setup in Caribbean, initial prototypes of river and beach cleanup machines created and field-tested


Amount of Ocean Plastic Recovered: 1,250,000 pounds

New Products Created: Furniture, Building Materials, Cost-Competitive Resin Pellets

Infrastructure Created: Recovery network present in all 70 contributing North Atlantic countries, 95 collection centers in Caribbean, South America, and West Africa, major implementation of cleanup machines and the launch of the first drone recovery ship at the Florida-Bahamas choke point

What is our plan beyond the North Atlantic?

Using what we learned from the cleanup of the NAGP, we plan on using a similar strategy in the Mediterranean Sea and South Atlantic starting sometime near 2022-23. Later, we will work on the Indian Ocean’s garbage patch, improving our drone ship technology in the process. Eventually, the North and South Pacific garbage patches will be recycled and our recovery infrastructure will continue to ensure this kind of pollution buildup never happens again.

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Recovery

Part 3: Recycling